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Annual Williamsburg Festival!

It's Our 30th Annual 
Williamsburg Festival!
Saturday October 5th & Sunday October 6th
Free Admission!
Step back 200 years in time to 18th Century Williamsburg, as the beautiful grounds of Pine Tree Barn are transformed into a bustling colonial village! 
Explore the marketplace & unique wares that surround the public square. Find special treasures inside Pine Tree & meet the makers of the hand-made furniture we carry year round in the Heritage Loft. 
Carefully selected artisans, many of national recognition, will demonstrate techniques of traditional craftsmanship, including watercolorists, portrait artists, potters, silhouette artist, woodcarvers, candlemakers, spinners, weavers, folk artists, bagpipers, primitive doll artists, fiber artists, felters, Shaker box maker, period firearms, metal smiths and more. 
Throughout the weekend enjoy entertainment and historical presentations from a variety of special guests, entertainers, 
re-enactors and more. The 8th Pennsylvania Regiment will be encamped, and will provide demonstrations and explain the life and routines of an 18th century colonial militia.
Special guest Roger Moore, a direct descendant of the Easter Woodland Native American Melungeon Tribe will offer insights and explanation of the lives and traditions of his people. Mr. Moore will be making formal presentations twice daily both days. Mr. Moore will have a fascinating collection of artifacts on display, and will be available for questions and conversation all day, both days. 
Also with us this year, we are pleased to have Dr. Thelonius Balthasar, purveyor of tinctures and salves for all ailments - both man and beast! Portrayed by Michael Fallin of the Ohio Historical Society, Dr. Balthasar will take you on an amusing and educational journey back in time to the age of the travelling medicine show. Mr. Fallin has performed for audiences across North America, and is a delight. He will be performing both days, and when not performing will be available (in character!) to answer any and all questions. 
This event is free to attend, and there is no charge to park, either! 
We will be serving a special menu indoors, in the Granary Restaurant
(Please note: Because of the busy nature of the Festival, we do not take reservations on this weekend).
Outside, on the village green, a delicious selection of some of our favorites will be offered, which you can enjoy in the comfort of our patio overlooking the valley and lakes.

Roger Moore, Native American - 10:30 & 1:30  Both Days. Mr. Moore is a descendant of a tribe of Woodland Indians that lived in the Ohio region through the 1800s. Mr. Moore will be dressed in historically accurate native American dress. His presentation is a delightful mix of stories, anecdotes and historical knowledge that he has gathered from many years of research. He also will dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings that have persisted about native peoples of North America. Mr. Moore has appeared in PBS movies and documentaries. Mr. Moore will be presenting in the Christmas Tree Village Barn, in the Presentation Room. He will present at 10:30 and 1:30 both Saturday and Sunday. When Mr. Moore is not presenting, he will be on the Gazebo with an amazing array of historical artifacts, and will be glad to meet and answer questions. 


Dr. Thelonius Balthasar and His Magical Medicine Show - 11:30 & 2:30 Both Days  The 17th and 18th centuries were an exciting time in the Colonies and the young United States. During that time, there emerged an "interesting" cast of characters. Perhaps none more interesting than the travelling medicine man, "purveyor of cures and treatments for all ailments, man or beast!". Michael Fallin of the Ohio Historical Society will delight audiences of all ages with this amazing in-character recreation of one of these "entrepreneurs", Dr. Thelonius Balthasar. Through a wonderful mix of fact, history and humor, Mr. Fallin, as Dr. Balthasar, will transport you to a time in American History that few knew existed - and may still exist today! Mr. Fallin will be presenting in the Christmas Tree Village Barn, in the Presentation Room. When Mr. Fallin is not presenting, he will be wandering the grounds in-character, and will be glad to meet and answer questions!


8th Pennsylvania Militia - All Day, Both Days. We are pleased to have the 8th PA Militia, who will be encamped here both days. Step back in time as you wander their encampment, where they will be cooking, preparing their weapons, making musket balls and enjoying life as it would have been 250 years ago. Be amazed as you survey the tools and practices of an 18th century militia surgeon. The Militia will "muster" approximately every hour, demonstrating how a militia was organized, how they arranged for battle, where they got their weapons and uniforms and what life was like for an 18th c. militia. And, of course, they will fire their weapons - including a cannon! 


Additional details call 330-264-1014!