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Sofas - No Worries!

"Sofas – No Worries!"

Pt 4 of A Series on Interior Design for The Rest of Us!

Upholstery – sofas, chairs, sectionals, recliners – are one of our specialties here at Pine Tree Barn. Way back when my parents started in the furniture business, they would spend hours and hours scouring market for upholstery manufacturers, looking for an often elusive combination: Quality construction, excellent value backed by impeccable warranty and service. They chose well; we still offer those companies – plus several others. And today, that focus on quality, value and service continues.

In upholstery – as in many other things in life – it’s still true: You really get what you pay for. Quality construction and design are what makes the difference between a “good” sofa or chair, and a GREAT sitting sofa or chair.

But here’s the problem: Buying upholstered furniture can be confusing – even intimidating. There can be two sofas sitting next to each other, each looking much like the other. Which is better? How to decide?

You know what? Don’t feel bad. I’m very good at buying furniture and I have the same problem sometimes. Let me share some of the things I consider when I travel to market in search of good sofas and chairs to offer at our store.

First: Sit on it. You should love the way it sits. Every sofa will sit differently, so try as many as you can. That’s why we carry several upholstery manufacturers, and why we have so many sofas and chairs in our showroom: You need to find the one that fits you – your height, your weight and your shape.  We find that there are some sofas you “sit on” and some you “sit in”.  Different cushions, styles and depths provide different types of comfort.  You don’t need to know why – you just need to find the one you like. Once you find the piece that feels “right”, then it’s time to focus on the style that will make it “yours”. We have several companies that offer “programs” that allow you to choose the style of arm, back and leg.  Once you find the “sit” you love, then you order it with the arm, back and leg that YOU prefer.    

Second: What style will work for your home and family?   Be really honest with yourself:  Is it going to be an over the top showstopper that is rarely used? Or a comfy sectional where the whole family gathers to hang out?  In our house, we can be hard on our furniture.  One of the hot trends in upholstered furniture are “performance” fabrics – fabrics that are specially designed and engineered with today’s families in mind – like ours!  For example: We LOVE our dog (almost as much as our kids!). But let’s face it: Both can be hard on furniture. This is why we LOVE our performance fabric sofa – lots of style AND it puts up with our active household! Don’t have these concerns? Great. The world is your oyster. We can help you pick fabrics from every part of the spectrum, and for any budget. Want an over-the-top showstopper? Let’s do it! Like bells and whistles? It doesn’t have to break the bank – it’s easy to change pillows!  

Third: Think about how you want the sofa to fit in your budget.   At Pine Tree, Interior Design is in our DNA; we want every room to have a focal point, a “jewelry piece” - something fabulous that draws the eye right away. Sometimes, the wow comes from a piece of artwork or a wonderful chandelier.   Other times, it’s the sofa, sectional or chair.  

Whether it’s a jewelry piece or something the kids and dog can flop on, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended)! Our staff has one goal: To help you make the right choice for your home, your lifestyle and your budget. We encourage you to stop in and discover why Pine Tree is one of Ohio’s favorite places to shop for beautiful, quality furniture that you will love.


Julie K.