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Meet the Designers

Whether you're hunting for a new sofa, ready for a room update or building your home from the ground up, we are here to listen and help. Our designers are skilled professionals - but fun, too! Simply put: Their goal is to help you achieve a look for your home that reflects your vision, your taste and your personality. Whether you're choosing one piece, or taking on a whole project, they will address every detail you can imagine (and perhaps even a few you can't) to help you avoid costly mistakes. From space planning; lighting; color selection and coordination; flooring; kitchen/bath design; furniture selection & installation, our interior specialists offer sound advice that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

Click on a designer below to learn a little more about their background, their personality and their contact info!

Dean Gerbasi
Dean Gerbasi dean@pinetreebarn.com

A native of Ashland, Ohio, I’ve had a passion for interior design since I was young. Following my heart, I earned a degree in interior design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1988. I’ve been an interior designer for 25 years – the last 18 at Pine Tree Barn.

What I like about Interior Design is opening up people’s eyes to the wonderful opportunities that exist to create emotion, inspiration and serenity in their interiors.

When working with a client I feel I am particularly good at listening and making the process enjoyable and fun! For me, listening is the most important aspect of the design process. Listening deeply and carefully allows me to help people create spaces that perfectly reflect who they are.

I feel my strengths and talents include window treatments, designing architectural features, and specifying finishes for new construction projects. But I feel my greatest strength is my ability to help people see the larger picture – whether working on a single piece, or a whole room.

On a personal note: When I’m not working I enjoy stalking Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and reading books on history.

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Julie Pipes
Julie Pipes juliej@pinetreebarn.com

I love interior design because it allows me to discover my customers' personality - and help them make their home reflect that personality! I love it when a customer says "My home isn't quite what I want it to be, but I don't know where to start!". I begin by listening. When I get to know a customer, I am able to help them create that perfect space. 

I love color, texture and light. I enjoy working in accessories and area rugs as a way of pulling a whole room together. And I really like incorporating a customers personal treasures - family photos, heirlooms and things they've collected that have special memories. That really makes a room special. 

When I'm not dreaming up beautiful spaces, I enjoy gardening - I love outdoor spaces, and making them beautiful, too!

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Michele Mosely
Michele Mosely michele@pinetreebarn.com

I’ve been in interior design for over 10 years, having run my own design business before coming to Pine Tree in 2006. Born and raised in Wooster, working at Pine Tree is like coming home!

I love all aspects of interior design, but am particularly fond of designing window treatments, space planning and fabric selection. I am a creative person at heart, and I love working with people – two good qualities for an interior designer! I see my role as a facilitator; I love nothing more than creating a space that is truly reflective of my client’s taste, personality and style. When I finish a project with a client, I want them to step into the space and think “This is me. I love this!”

When I’m not working I like to travel, and dream of the perfect vacation spot! My idea of relaxing usually involves a good book, a good Cabernet and Elton John (though not necessarily in that order!).

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Rory Stringer
Rory Stringer rory@pinetreebarn.com

A native of Ashland, I’ve worked in interior design for over 16 years. While I have experience in many phases of interior design, I’d say one of my strong suits is the way I use color as a way of setting the stage, and pulling a design together.

My strengths are my ability to stay organized, and my tenacity. I like to approach a design as a challenge; I’m not satisfied until I’ve tried every possible solution.

I feel I’m particularly good at bringing in an element to a client’s design that they didn’t expect. Whether it’s a color, a piece of furniture or a whole design, my favorite reaction is ”Wow! What a great idea!”.

When I’m not working with clients, I like to kick back in my favorite Mexican restaurant, or hang out with family and my dogs!

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Joy Ross
Joy Ross joy@pinetreebarn.com

Though joining Pine Tree in 2012 makes me the new kid on the block, I’ve worked as a designer since 1982. It’s safe to say: 31 years in interior design has blessed me with a wealth of experience! And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

My strengths include new construction, room planning and layout, and color selection. And I love the interplay between fabric, pattern and color. I particularly enjoy solving decorating dilemmas! And my experience in commercial design has proven valuable over the years; I enjoy office planning, and the specialized knowledge that commercial interior design requires.

I truly believe that our living environment deeply affects us, and how we live; our surroundings ‘ground’ us. When working with clients, I see my role as a facilitator, and problem solver. Most clients have an idea of what they want – a vision. They just might not know how to ‘get’ there. That’s what I enjoy: Taking the hints and clues a client provides, solving problems, and coming up with a plan that makes sense. My favorite part of a job is the end, when the client reacts to the space. That gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction!

My idea of a perfect afternoon is hanging out with friends and family, enjoying a good steak, with a little Beatles in the background!

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