Joy Ross

Though joining Pine Tree in 2012 makes me the new kid on the block, I’ve worked as a designer since 1982. It’s safe to say: 31 years in interior design has blessed me with a wealth of experience! And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

My strengths include new construction, room planning and layout, and color selection. And I love the interplay between fabric, pattern and color. I particularly enjoy solving decorating dilemmas! And my experience in commercial design has proven valuable over the years; I enjoy office planning, and the specialized knowledge that commercial interior design requires.

I truly believe that our living environment deeply affects us, and how we live; our surroundings ‘ground’ us. When working with clients, I see my role as a facilitator, and problem solver. Most clients have an idea of what they want – a vision. They just might not know how to ‘get’ there. That’s what I enjoy: Taking the hints and clues a client provides, solving problems, and coming up with a plan that makes sense. My favorite part of a job is the end, when the client reacts to the space. That gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction!

My idea of a perfect afternoon is hanging out with friends and family, enjoying a good steak, with a little Beatles in the background!